Beat the Price Terms and Conditions:

1. Competitor’s Quote Requirement:

  • To qualify for the “Find it Cheaper, We’ll Beat It” offer, customers must provide a formal written quote from a recognized competitor.
  • The quote must be for the same product and quality that Decor Essentials offers.

2. In-Stock Requirement:

  • The competitor must have the advertised items in stock and available for immediate purchase at the time of the customer’s inquiry.

3. Quality Comparison:

  • Products must be of comparable quality, specifications, and brand to be considered for the price beat.
  • Decor Essentials reserves the right to determine the equivalence of quality based on product specifications.

4. Same Country Requirement:

  • The competitor offering the lower price must be based in the same country as Decor Essentials.
  • This ensures fair competition within the same market and economic conditions.

5. Identical Product Conditions:

  • The comparison is valid only if the product conditions, including packaging, warranty, and additional services, are identical between Decor Essentials and the competitor.

6. Verification Process:

  • Customers must submit the competitor’s quote to Decor Essentials for verification.
  • Decor Essentials will verify the details and reserves the right to contact the competitor for confirmation.

7. Decision Authority:

  • Decor Essentials holds the sole discretion to determine the eligibility for the “Beat the Price” offer.
  • Decisions made by Decor Essentials regarding eligibility are final.

8. Time Limitation:

  • Price beat requests must be made at the time of purchase or within a specified time frame mentioned by Decor Essentials.
  • Decor Essentials is not obligated to honor price beat requests after the purchase is complete.

9. Exclusions:

  • The “Find it Cheaper, We’ll Beat It” offer does not apply to clearance, closeout, liquidation, or auction sales.
  • Discounts, promotions, or special offers from the competitor will be considered in the comparison.

10. Policy Modification:

  • Decor Essentials reserves the right to modify or terminate the “Beat the Price” offer and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

By implementing these terms and conditions, Decor Essentials ensures a fair and transparent process for customers seeking to take advantage of the “Find it Cheaper, We’ll Beat It” USP while maintaining the integrity of their pricing structure.