About Us

### About DE Online: A Legacy of Excellence and Adaptability

**From Bassas Fabric Wholesalers (1932) to Decor Essentials (2009) to now, DE Online.**

About Us - about us, decor essentials
Decor Essentials started as Famous Bassa in 1932

Positioned prominently in the vibrant city of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, DE Online has carved a niche for itself in the global catering and decor supplier domain. Originating from the esteemed Bassas Fabric Wholesalers ( Famous Bassa)  in 1932 and evolving through Decor Essentials in 2004, our legacy showcases an odyssey filled with resilience, innovation, and continuous transformation.




Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today:

At DE Online, our mission is grounded in the belief that every dream has the potential to create a tangible impact. With a comprehensive selection of industry-leading event, butchery, and farming equipment, we dedicate ourselves to be the foundation for small and medium-sized enterprises ([SMEs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_and_medium-sized_enterprises)) to establish, innovate, and prosper. Our intent is not just to fuel economic growth but to shape a narrative of job creation, community empowerment, and entrepreneurial success.


A Holistic Wholesale Destination for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

DE Online transcends its reputation as a mere decor provider. We are a wholesale tour de force, an ally to event planners, decor aficionados, and business tycoons. Our exhaustive catalogue boasts of:
– Chair Covers, Table Cloths & Overlays
– Tables & Chairs for a multitude of events
– Unique Centre Pieces
– Premium AstroTurf
– Luxurious Draping Fabrics
– High-quality Crockery, Cutlery & Glassware
– Cutting-edge Lighting Solutions
– Adaptable Stretch Tents
– Kids Party Essentials
… and countless more offerings conceptualized for a diverse range of business pursuits.

Pioneering Post-COVID Business Solutions

The global upheaval caused by COVID-19 witnessed tectonic shifts in the business world. DE Online, staying true to its adaptability, expanded its horizons. Now, entrepreneurs, whether novices or veterans, can avail:

  • Event equipment for business inaugurations
  • Catering tools for gastronomic ventures
  • Butchery and Bakery apparatus for culinary startup
  • Mobile refrigeration for on-the-go cooling needs
  • Sewing machines for fashion aspirations
  • Salon kits for the burgeoning beauty industry
  • Outdoor furniture for hospitality businesses
  • Sanitation tools for cleaning ventures
  • Agricultural tools with a focus on poultry
  •  Call centre-centric office tables
  • Security uniforms for new security firms
  • Solutions for load shedding and alternative power

Shaping the Landscape of Business Success:

Our vision is a world where every business idea, regardless of scale, is equipped with the resources to manifest into reality.

Unwavering Commitment to Pan-South African Delivery

Ensuring our products permeate every nook and cranny of South Africa is a testament to our dedication. From bustling metropolises like Cape Town and Johannesburg to the serene hamlets, our delivery promise remains steadfast. Our collaboration with courier Guy and Pudo underscores our commitment to timely and efficient deliveries.

Step into the future with DE Online – a confluence of legacy, adaptability, and the promise of endless possibilities.