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Toggle Switch For School Project Kit

Toggle Switch For School Project Kit
  • Educational Component: A toggle switch ideal for school science projects.
  • Practical Learning: Helps students understand electrical circuits and switches.
  • Easy to Use: Simple design for incorporation into project kits.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of educational models and experiments.
  • Hands-On Learning Tool: Enhances student engagement and understanding of basic electronics.

School Project Kit Traffic Light

School Project Kit Traffic Light
  • Educational Kit: Designed to create a model traffic light for school projects.
  • Learning Experience: Teaches basic electronics and circuitry.
  • Complete Set: Includes all necessary components for assembly.
  • Interactive Project: Engages students in hands-on learning.
  • Ideal for STEM Education: Supports science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning.

Transistor For School Project Kit 5’S

Transistor For School Project Kit 5'S
  • Educational Component: Pack of 5 transistors for electronic school projects.
  • Practical Learning: Ideal for teaching students about semiconductor devices.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various types of circuit-building activities.
  • Hands-On Experience: Enhances understanding of basic electronics.
  • STEM Education Tool: Great for science and technology education.

Resistor For School Project Kit 5’S

Resistor For School Project Kit 5'S
  • Basic Electronic Component: Set of 5 resistors for educational projects.
  • Fundamental Learning: Teaches about current control in circuits.
  • Diverse Applications: Useful in a wide range of electronic experiments.
  • Essential for Circuitry: A key component in understanding electronics.
  • Practical Tool in Education: Enhances hands-on learning in STEM subjects.

School Project Kit Pop Switch 5’S

School Project Kit Pop Switch 5'S
  • Interactive Switches: Contains 5 pop switches for student projects.
  • Engaging and Fun: Ideal for creating interactive electronic models.
  • Educational Use: Teaches about switch mechanisms in simple circuits.
  • Versatile for Projects: Suitable for a variety of creative school assignments.
  • Hands-On Learning Device: Encourages exploration and understanding of electronics.

School Project Kit Switch 5’S

School Project Kit Switch 5'S
  • Standard Switches: Pack of 5 basic switches for school projects.
  • Learning Tool: Helps students understand the concept of circuit control.
  • Broad Use: Can be integrated into numerous electronic projects.
  • Simple and Effective: Easy to use for beginners in electronics.
  • Essential Project Component: Fundamental for teaching basic circuitry concepts.

School Project Kit Buzzer Switch 5’S

School Project Kit Buzzer Switch 5'S
  • Sound-Enabled Switches: 5 buzzer switches for engaging school projects.
  • Interactive Learning: Demonstrates sound production in circuits.
  • Educational and Fun: Ideal for projects that require audible indicators.
  • Wide Application: Useful in a variety of electronic experiments.
  • Stimulating Teaching Aid: Enhances student interest in electronics and sound physics.

School Project Kit Door Bell Switch 5’S

  • Doorbell Switches: Set of 5 push-button switches mimicking doorbells.
  • Real-World Application: Teaches about switches in everyday appliances.
  • Engaging for Students: Ideal for creating functional model circuits.
  • Versatile Usage: Can be used in numerous types of electronic projects.
  • Practical Educational Tool: Encourages hands-on learning in circuit design.

School Project Kit Pop Switch

School Project Kit Pop Switch
  • Single Pop Switch: A fun and interactive switch for educational projects.
  • Creative Learning: Engages students in building innovative circuits.
  • Easy to Use: Suitable for beginners learning about electronics.
  • Flexible Application: Can be integrated into a variety of school assignments.
  • Encourages Exploration: Promotes understanding of basic electrical concepts.

School Project Kit Moisture Sensor

School Project Kit Moisture Sensor
  • Sensing Device: Designed to detect moisture levels for school projects.
  • Environmental Learning: Teaches about sensors in agricultural and environmental science.
  • Interactive Component: Great for projects related to soil moisture and plant care.
  • Educational Use: Supports learning in biology, environmental science, and electronics.
  • Hands-On Experimentation: Encourages practical application of scientific concepts.


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