Welcome to the World of events where tents for sale can be found. Decor Essentials supplier of Tents and Marquees found at the best prices.

Decor Essentials Pride ourself in selling premium quality grade tents for Wedding, Tents for Events, Tents for Funerals and Functions.

DE Courier Tents and Marquees across Africa, from Marquees Johannesburg, Tents Eastern Cape also Tents Western Cape.

DE sell tents used for Covid Care patience for emergency Relief Purposes used for makeshift surgical purposes, Tents used for Refugees and More.

Decor Essentials Also now make Stretch Tent in either Water Proof and None Waterproof used at corporate events, Kids Parties and More used for Decorative and professional purposes.


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Peg & Pole Tent 5mt X 10mt


Tents for sale

Stretch Tent Poles


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Stretch Tent Combo Deal


Combo Deals

Starter Pack 2B


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Stretch Tent 6mt X 6mt Heavy Duty


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Stretch Tent 7m x 12m Heavy Duty


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Marquee Peg and Pole Tent 5m x 5m

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