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Canvas Tents

Canvas Army Tents in South Africa

Welcome to Decor Essentials’ selection of Canvas Army Tents, proudly supplied to the South African market. We offer three sizes: 3×3, 5×5, and 7×12, providing versatile shelter solutions for various purposes.

Our Canvas Army Tents come with several benefits. First and foremost, they are built to endure, crafted from sturdy canvas material for long-lasting reliability. These tents stand up to South Africa’s ever-changing weather, ensuring a secure haven in diverse conditions. Additionally, they offer ample space, making them suitable for accommodating people or storing equipment. Their versatility extends to camping, outdoor events, and military applications. Plus, maintaining them is a breeze, and their classic canvas appearance adds a timeless touch to any environment.

To complement your Canvas Army Tent, we also offer a range of essential accessories. Ground tarps protect the tent’s floor and improve insulation, while inner tent partitions help create private spaces or organized sections. LED lighting ensures visibility during nighttime activities, and foldable furniture adds comfort and functionality. Ventilation kits maintain proper airflow, and heating and cooling devices keep the temperature comfortable. Tent repair kits are available for quick fixes, and mosquito nets keep bugs at bay. Waterproofing products enhance rain protection, and stakes and pegs secure your tent in various conditions. Tent extensions provide extra covered space, and solar panels offer eco-friendly power solutions. Rainwater collection systems harvest rainwater for various uses, and fire safety equipment ensures safety. Finally, storage organizers help keep your gear and items organized.

Explore our Canvas Army Tents and accompanying accessories to create a comfortable and functional outdoor experience in South Africa.


Tents for sale

Army Tent 5m x 10m

Original price was: R19,700.00.Current price is: R18,950.00.

Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Ground sheets for army tents


Tents Gazebos and Umbrellas

Army Tent 5m x 5m

Original price was: R16,999.99.Current price is: R12,599.99.

Tents for sale

Army Tent 7m x 12m

Original price was: R27,500.00.Current price is: R22,000.00.
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