Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA

Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA

Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA
Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA 1

Decor Essentials sell a wide range of popcorn machines Red for Sale SA. Our Red Popcorn Machine can produce popcorn every 3-4 minutes whilst keeping the popped kernels warm in the heater deck. Ideal for small and medium parties.



Making Money with a Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA
Make Profitable Margins with a Popcorn-Making Business

it all boils down to Profits, Selling popcorn can be a lucrative business. From Selling Popcorn at a fleamarket, adding it to kids’ party packs, or Wholesaling to Tearooms, and School Tuckshops, Making money with a Popcorn Machine is the way to Go.

Popcorn Machine Hire is also a new Trend here in South Africa, especially in main Cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth.

It is said that a Popcorn Machine business can make up to 80% – 90 % margins. With many flavors to choose from and Different Sizes scaling a popcorn Machine business could lead you to financial success.

What Supplies are Needed to Start a Popcorn Business?

Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA
Popcorn Machine Red for Sale SA 2

A popcorn Making business needs very little Capital to outlaw as The Equipment, Day to day ingredients and labor is very cheap and inexpensive.

Different types of Popcorn Machines

At Decor Essentials we sell 2 types of popcorn Machines. An Electrical popcorn machine and a gas-operated popcorn machine.

Electrical popcorn is a more popular version as it’s cheaper however the volume of popcorn popped is less as the heating bowl is small resulting in slow popcorn production.

Gas popcorn machine- ideal for events that are out of range from a plug point such as school fairs, religious fairs, and for Mass production of popcorn.

How to Make Popcorn Video

Answers to Common Questions

How much is a Popcorn Machine?

Decor Essentials sells popcorn machines or popcorn makers electric popcorn machines from R2750 to Gas Popcorn machines at R19325

How much oil is used in a popcorn machine?

For an 8-ounce Popcorn Machine, you’ll use 1/3 cup of Sunflower Cooking oil or Helios cooking oil which is what most South Africa Housewives use.