Decor Essentials Payment Options

We have many Ways to Pay :

  • Electronic Fund Transfer ( EFT) , should you have a manuel Quote,  you can eft the funds to us and Please remeber to include your Order number and Email us proof of payment so we can process your order as soon as possible.


  • Payfast : An online payment platform that would be shown on Checkout pages, Payfast allows Debit Card, Credit Card and Eft payment. Order would only be processed once payment has been cleared and confirmation from Payment confrimation has been received by us.


  • Manuel Link Payment : Should you have a Manual Quote and Prefer to Pay by Bank Card ( Credit or Debit Card ) , A Payment Link Request can be emailed to You which you can make Payment.


  • Credit Card or Debit Card onsite Payment. Should you be comfortable to make payment onsite on our premises you are can make arrange with our Sales team. This option can only used at the sole discretion of our sales team as certain orders requires payment prior to collection.


  • Cash Deposit at branch or an Atm. You can make payment into standard bank account nationwide. Please be advised all local payments incur a 2.5 percent charge on all deposits. International Payments incur handling charges by the bank and amount can be finalised on the day of receiving the payment .