Decor Essentials Shipping Policy

Decor Essentials, DE Online strive to ship all goods at the fastest time to its customers.

Category A: Items that are ready to pick – Homeware, Readymade Items. Kitchenware, Domestic Machines, Habby, small quantities of catering items, crockery and sportware.

Category B: Items that require a lead time – need to be cut, sewn, counted or ordered from supplier

( All goods from DE are specially manufactured or brought in from its respective suppliers thus the following lead time apply)

Orders with Category A items Placed & Paid for will only be packaged the next business morning, which will be sent out by courier within 48 hours of Payment reflecting in our account. its always best practice to send your proof of payment to the sales agent that assisted or email to :

Orders with Category B items Placed & Paid for will Join The Queue for picking & processing the next Morning.

Once processed, your order will be sent to the Warehouse for Packaging & Dispatch. If items have to be ordered, we will notify you of the lead times & keep you updated Orders Placed & Paid for that contain large , bulky items will require 36 – 48 hours to package and will be couriered out within 96 hours of payment reflecting in our account.

Certain items like Tents, Trailers, jumping castles and similar products would need between 7-21 days.