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Be part of the most innovative affiliate programme in South Africa and earn up to 10 % per Referral Sale that you refer and be part of the success of South  Africa’s Largest Online Events Wholesaler.

What is an affiliate programme and how does it work?

Have you ever been in a situation where you tell a friend or someone about a really great shop where they can buy something they are looking for? In exchange you get a cut of the deal for setting up the connection.

An Affiliate programme is very similar to a networking opportunity that allows you to earn money. Basically you send people to a particular website through your own site or via a link or URL that they follow. They then buy something from that site and you are paid a commission.

So if you send people a link or you are a website owner and people visit another site from yours you can earn money.

It’s that simple!

Firstly you need to refer friends to Decor Essentials or set up a website of your own to refer visitors to Decor Essentials . If you set up your own website, select a topic that you enjoy and have interest in. That way you can update it and improve the site while doing something you get pleasure from.

By choosing a product or service in a small niche market where you have a passion for and experience or knowledge would be the best place to start. By doing that you will draw more people to your site thus creating a community of people who are all interested in the same thing which will increase the money you earn through the Affiliate Programme. The more targeted your traffic, the better your chances that people will buy.

Remember if you have a website about something you enjoy and are interested in you will have fun making money.

The Decor Essentials Affiliate Programme works on a Commission Scale  where the more referrals you generate the more you get rewarded. Affiliates are compensated based on the Following :

10 % Percent on the Sale

Payment after 30 Days from date of a Successful Purchase.

If you are ready to make Money Click Here to become an Affiliate for Decor Essentials Now